Kerrisdale | An Authentic West Side Neighbourhood

The neighbourhood of Kerrisdale is one that represents a charmed lifestyle, rich in family and tradition, where relationships are fostered and the experience of belonging is strong. Lush green spaces pepper the area, with access to abundant farmers markets and collections of boutique shops and restaurants along West Boulevard and West 41st Avenue. Kerrisdale is a community that Cressey has chosen to build a collection of residences, starting with Arbutus Ridge, then to Sterling, now on to continue it’s legacy with McKinnon.

Hani Lammam, Cressey’s Executive Vice-President, was recently quoted in a Real Estate Weekly article, addressing the market segment and demand for condos in Kerrisdale.

Addressing the wish list of this discerning demographic head on, Cressey Development Group has been a leader in defining the new Kerrisdale. Sterling is now under construction on West Boulevard between 48th and 49th Avenues. Lavishly appointed with extensive use of marble and floorplans that start at more than 1,200 square feet, these residences are all about lifestyle, according to Hani Lammam, Cressey’s executive vice-president.

“These buyers are not going to compromise… period. The reason we’ve done so well is that we are catering specifically to what this market segment wants – luxurious, well-appointed, large suites.” Cressey has also purchased the adjacent block and Lamman anticipates that when the McKinnon project comes to market it will also sell out rapidly.

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