Bellevue, West Vancouver BC

Our Commitment

Cressey prides itself on its commitment to customer care. Our Customer Care Team is dedicated to providing quality customer service; building lasting relationships is our goal. We work hard in delivering a high level of customer satisfaction.

From pre-occupancy to well beyond your move in, our team is there to support your decision to live in a Cressey-built home. We look forward to making your ownership experience as exciting and memorable as possible.

Our Care

Before you move into your new Cressey home, you will have an opportunity to view the completed product. During your inspection, a customer care representative will walk you through your home to familiarize you with the finishes and operational systems such as gas, plumbing and electrical.

One day after your completion date, a customer care representative will meet you to hand over your keys, fobs, manuals and warranties. Our manuals and warranties are designed to support you in the transition to your new home and answer as many questions as possible. If you require further assistance, we would be delighted to provide it.

From design through completion, to taking care of deficiencies and last minute concerns, we are always striving to do our best for the people we build for.

Questions about your Home?

  • Please refer to your Homeowner Manual for questions or concerns about your home including manufacturer warranties, contact information and more.
  • Once you have consulted your Homeowner Manual please complete the Service Request Form with as much information as possible and our customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • You can also reach us at service@cressey.com or call 604.895.0428 for information. We can be best reached Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 4:30 (except holidays).
  • Service appointments are usually scheduled Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 2:00pm (except holidays).
  • If you have an after-hours emergency, please contact your property manager’s after-hours emergency line immediately.

Service Request

    The owner must be present when a Cressey Customer Service Technician is responding to Service Requests. Only warrantable deficiencies will be corrected; please review your Homeowner Manual for more information.