Two More Days Until #dinnerpartyYVR

This Saturday, Hobby Chef’s across Vancouver will be opening their homes to friends and strangers alike all in effort to raise money for their charity of choice. Partnering with #dinnerpartyYVR, Cressey will be hosting its very own dinner party in the penthouse at Meccanica with Chef Clement Chan and Liam Lewis cooking for the Quest Outreach Society. This charity is a not-for-profit food exchange program that works with food suppliers, social service agencies and community stakeholders to redistribute food across the lower mainland.

After these dinners, chefs and attendees will make their way to the After Party at Meccanica to mix and mingle with everyone supporting these amazing charities!

Take a look at the latest media coverage of Chef Clement on Global News demoing one of his dishes to be served at the Cressey Dinner Party on Saturday night here!