An Established Builder Makes All the Difference
Past Cressey Projects: James, M Three, Maddox
Build the Best Homes in the Region – That’s Our Goal

Every Cressey project begins by selecting a memorable location, one blessed with a set of natural advantages found nowhere else in the neighbourhood. But some home collections require an even higher level of diligence to ensure they‘re right for our homeowners.

You Spoke, Cressey Listened

With Kings Crossing, we knew that maximizing every square inch of our homes would be essential. That’s why we created generous floorplans that are also extremely efficient, with great storage solutions and two remarkable kitchen designs that are both ideal for cooking and hosting parties. We created as many great view homes as possible, to give residents a fresh new perspective on this vibrant urban neighbourhood.

And Then We Did Even More

We used our 45+ years of homebuilding experience to bring more uniqueness into each Kings Crossing home – by tweaking the architecture to maximize patios, by selecting rare, beautiful materials and by hunting for greater utility in every surface, drawer and appliance within the renowned CresseyKitchen™.

To Create Striking Places For All Residents

At Cressey, we didn’t just focus on the insides of the homes at Kings Crossing. We also ensured that the meticulous design and quality of our residents-only amenities are just as spectacular – from breathtaking first impressions as you enter the lobby to the function and finish of the multi-purpose gym, squash court, lounge, patio and so much more.

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