The Cressey Difference

James by Cressey

Every Cressey community adheres to a set of specific and far-reaching standards that set these residences apart. Homes must be well-located and near things that enrich your living experience – everything from good schools to convenient transit options. Interiors must be beautiful, flexible and able to withstand the rigors of day-to-day living. The CresseyKitchen™ is a prime example of this forward thinking design principle, where our team is continuously re-thinking the most important room in the house to bring even more utility and ease into people’s lives.

James by Cressey
Sterling by Cressey
Arbutus Ridge
Arbutus Ridge by Cressey
Maddox by Cressey

Add that to the other Cressey features – easy-to-furnish floorplans, elegant lobbies, useful extras – and it’s easy to see why people look for us by name. No two Cressey buildings will ever be the same, but the philosophy that guides them always is. It’s a mantra that first reminds us to choose a worthy site and to play to that neighbourhood’s natural strengths. Then it keeps us flexible and imaginative as our entire team searches for meaningful ways to improve the way you’ll live there – room by room, detail by detail, year after year.