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Progressive, beautiful and designed to keep pace with your life, Format is an entirely new take on living space. With an emphasis on functionality, flexibility, thoughtfulness and integrity, these homes are built to meet your needs now—and adapt for years to come

Flexible Furniture Collection

Closet System

Stay organized throughout your home—Format’s closet system can be included at the entrance, storage rooms and in bedrooms to store all your essentials. Choose from an open cubby, long utility hang, entry utility hang, double hang or hang with internal drawers.

Kitchen Island

Design your kitchen for entertaining, cooking and storing all your gadgets. Choose from three islands that give you the option for extra seating, extra storage—or a combination of both.

Entertainment Unit

Create a space for work or play. Add a built-in entertainment unit that gives you the option to include space for a home office—or dedicate it to a home theatre.

Room Divider

Customize your floorplan to create separate spaces. A glass room divider means you can easily add additional bedrooms to your home—giving you the ultimate in flexibility and functionality.

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A collaborative design

Cressey partnered with Ste. Marie to offer a new proposition in urban living: an innovative collection of flexible furniture that redefines what it means to own your home. View our furniture options below and start personalizing your space.

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