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Gold Certified


These homes have been designed to incorporate many sustainable strategies and are targeting LEED (Gold) for Homes – Multifamily Mid-Rise green building standard. This green rating system was developed to measure the sustainability of midrise residential projects. It measures the overall sustainability performance of a building in eight categories (Innovation & Design, Location & Linkages, Sustainable Sites, Energy, Water Efficiency, Materials & Resources, Indoor air quality and Awareness & Education.

Many of these sustainable features in this building are a passive response to energy conservation, thermal comfort and protection or restoration of a more natural environment. The following summarizes some of the site development environmental benefits:

  • The landscaping utilizes native and adaptive plants that suit our climate whilst helping to reduce heat island* effect in Vancouver. The landscaping also helps to provide clean air in our cities.
  • Your home is in a smart location connected with the community and with easy walking distance to public transport. The building also has ample bicycle storage.
  • The development features electric charging stations so you can, with ease, charge your electric car.

* ‘heat island effect’ is where cities are often warmer in the summertime than the surrounding rural areas due to the amount of hard, heat absorbing surfaces. Green space helps to ‘cool’ the city back to a more natural temperature.

Water Use

As part of the LEED (Gold) for Homes – Multifamily Mid-Rise green building system we address the water use. On average Canadians use 400 litres/day and we are one of the highest per capita uses of water. However we need to conserve our pristine Vancouver water as we experience summertime drought here in Vancouver. So to help you reduce your water footprint, and to ensure there is sufficient water in our watersheds each summer, we have incorporated technology, indoors and out which maximizes performance whilst reducing water consumption.

  • The irrigation system include a number of features to significantly reduce the amount of water consumed.
  • Low flow/flush plumbing fixtures are provided.The landscaping utilizes native and adaptive plants that suit our climate whilst helping to reduce heat island* effect in Vancouver. The landscaping also helps to provide clean air in our cities.


Your home has been designed to be energy efficient to help reduce your monthly bills and also reduce the environmental impact of fossil fuel use for energy.

  • Energy conservation measures include high performance envelope including glazing systems and highly insulated walls and roof.
  • Energy efficient appliances including dishwasher, refrigerator and clothes washer.
  • Use of high efficiency lighting.
  • Thermostat for your heating, bringing you comfort and control of your temperature.

Quality &
Material Use

We know you can spend considerable time in your home so we have designed a healthy indoor environment that you can enjoy:

  • Best practices are implemented during construction to optimize air quality and provide a clean and healthy building for you and your family. This includes sourcing low emitting paints, and products for the interior finish.
  • Operable windows are incorporated throughout the buildings giving you a high level of control over your thermal comfort.
  • Glazing selection and placement allow for plenty of daylight and views.
  • Many of the building materials and components will be locally selected.

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