What Makes a Cressey Community Great?

Over the past few weeks, we set-out across Metro Vancouver to speak with residents and business owners alike to find out what makes a Cressey Community truly unique.

First up was Olympic Village, home to Meccanica by Cressey. Situated on East 1st Avenue and Quebec Street, Meccanica is best known for its high-design, top-of-the-line finishings and incredible amenity space, which includes a rooftop garden where homeowners can take in stunning views of False Creek, downtown Vancouver and the North Shore mountains. However, perhaps most notable, is the community found within the building.

As homeowner Lauren Skinner points out, “there’s even a Facebook group for everyone in the building” where residents discuss what’s going on in the neighbourhood and building, organize events like barbeques, and connect with one another.

Beyond being a great place to live, Olympic Village is also home to a number of thriving businesses ranging from quaint coffee shops to craft breweries who do more than provide tasty treats to make the neighbourhood great.

“We do community clean-ups [and] have a meal share program,” says Daniel Frankel, CEO of Tap & Barrel, one of the first to set-up shop in Olympic Village, and now considered the hub of the area.

As Olympic Village flourishes with no sign of slowing down, this is surely a Cressey Community that will continue to thrive in the years to come.

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