#UrbanBotany Contest – Share Your Gardening Tips to Win $500

Inspired by the wonderful residents at James in South East False Creek, we launched UrbanBotany, a social media campaign designed to share our passion for gardening and offer tips, recipes and inspiration to our audience. What we heard from our very own in-house gardening enthusiast, Nathan Gurvich, is that gardening can be somewhat of an expensive hobby, with that in mind we launched the #UrbanBotany contest to give one lucky gardening lover the chance to win $500 to Garden Works. With only a week left to enter we wanted to share some of our favourite entries!

#UrbanBotany Gardening Tips!

‪Linda Ramsay‪: Use packing peanuts or small pieces of Styrofoam to fill the bottom of tall planters. It makes them lighter and uses less soil! #UrbanBotany

‪David Pankratz‪: Line flower pots with coffee filters so that you don’t lose soil out the bottom when you water them #UrbanBotany

‪Chelsea Windl‪: Sweeter tomatoes – Epsom salts (inexpensive source of magnesium) may add sweetness to tomato plants. Every 2 weeks mix 1 tablespoon in a gallon of water and water the plants with the solution. Warm water helps the salt dissolve faster. #UrbanBotany

srs604: Peonies like sun, although they can manage with half a day they prefer to be in a sunny spot #UrbanBotany

anatame_mo: Strawberries need a ton of sunlight and water (almost daily), otherwise they die or your berries are super sour #UrbanBotany #SourBerries #LearnedTheHardWay

To enter, visit our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and leave a comment with your favourite gardening tip including #UrbanBotany! Contest closes on July 9th; limit one entry per channel.