Fall Farmers Market Season

In the final days of summer and early days of fall, we tend to spend more weekends in the city and getting back to our normal routines. Most of Vancouver’s fantastic Farmers Markets are open until October 18th! If you like fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, artisanal baked goods and artistic offerings, we’re pleased to share that Cressey has five communities close to a Farmer’s Market. Neighbourhood events and culture are just one of many factors we consider when carefully choosing locations for our future home developments. As we state in our philosophy, “Homes must be well-located and near things that enrich your living experience – everything from good schools to convenient transit options. Without further ado…

Meccanica by Cressey is a 10 minute walk away from the Farmer’s Market at Main Street Station

Cadence by Cressey is a quick drive to the Richmond Night Market

The Ridge by Cressey is close to the Kitsilano market at Larch and 10th.

Mercer by Cressey is a walk from the famous Trout Lake Farmer’s Market.

Kerrisdale (home of a future Cressey project) is home to the Kerrisdale Farmer’s Market.

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