Baby Boomers Gravitating to Cressey Communities

A recent article in the Vancouver Sun suggests that a new pocket of baby boomers are in demand for high end condo living. They are looking for bigger homes, usually with views and with luxury finishes. As reporter Barbara Yaffe goes on to say, Cressey Development Group recognized that these revamped baby boomers aren’t just looking to downsize. They expect to live in luxury while purchasing larger condos that give them the space they need. Hani Lammam from Cressey calls it , “a second coming” of sorts, a time to reinvent or enhance their lifestyle once their kids move out, their mortgage is paid off and priorities change.

With the recent success of Arbutus Ridge and new communities in White Rock and Kerrisdale planned for the near future, Cressey is excited to unveil these new homes that feature the quality craftsmanship and unmatched finishings that one can only expect from Cressey.

To read the entire article from the Vancouver Sun, click here.