Uncommon Places to Watch the Celebration of Lights.

One of the greatest display of pyrotechnics, the Celebration of Light brings Vancouverites together year over year and is one of the most coveted events of the summer. But watching from English Bay – the firework launching pad – spectators have to deal with crowds, limited space for watching, and increased law enforcement.
However, the are several lesser known spots littered throughout the city with great views of the fireworks – while you may not be front and center to hear the bands of Shorefest, all you really need is a pair of portable speakers and a good perch.

Granville and Cambie Street Bridge: While most bridge-viewers flock to the Burrard Street Bridge, its Granville and Cambie Street counterparts offer an equally stunning sight with much fewer spectators.

Private Patio – Nothing beats taking in the view from a private deck and many of the towers in ‘Vancouver’s City of Glass’ come complete with a great patio. A small gathering complete with food and good company, synched to the music of the Honda Fireworks app, is one of the most enjoyable ways to take in the fireworks without braving the crowds.

North False Creek: While English Bay is certainly close to the action, there are few unobstructed buildings left in the area. However newer buildings in the North False Creek/ Downtown South neighbourhood such as Maddox by Cressey, are some of the last in the city to offer unobstructed viewpoints, creating an unparallel viewing experience from the comfort of a cushy living room or deck.

Burnaby Mountain: With a west-facing viewpoint at Centennial Park, the commons lawns are a comfortable viewing alternative.

Cypress Lookout: The lookout on top of Cypress is the right elevation and located far enough to the West for a near perfect view of English Bay from the North Shore.

Choose the spot that best suits you, be safe and enjoy the show.


*The incredibleimage above was captured from the Maddox Penthouse Level.